Order Photos Online


You can now print your photos that are in your Facebook photo albums!! Order photos online right now!


Submit files ONLINE or by USPS mail.

If you are submitting orders with your logo on the image, please allow for at least 1/4″ to 3/8″ border to allow for die-cutting of the wallets. Uncompressed RGB, PNG, TIFF or as JPG with compression of 10 or 12. Profile embedded (we suggest staying in your color editing space – usually adobe sRGB or Adobe 1998) 8 bit per channel (24 bit color)

Flattened, no paths, no extra channels (ex. alpha channels), no masks, ect. Use numbers and letters only in the filename. No forbidden characters. Images must be setup to the size (height and width) of the print you want.


The maximum resolution you need to work in 300 ppi/dpi. 200 dpi is fine for most printing. 100 dpi would be the minimum. DO NOT REZ up your files, the printer does a much better job at this. Please contact us beforehand if you are not sure about your file meeting the resolution for large prints. The goal here is to have “manageable file sizes”.

Borders must be included in the file, along with a small “trimline” or “crop marks” at the edge of the border. Please note this in your special instructions as well.

We suggest submitting files using sRGB OR Adobe 1998 color spaces. Adobe 1998 for scanned images and sRGB from digital cameras.

The biggest disappointment most clients encounter is a dirty image from missed cleaning. Please be sure you have cleaned your files. If you need us to clean your images, there will be a minimum charge of 10.00 plus 120.00 per hour.

While we make every effort to achieve color accuracy and density on your prints. What you see on your monitor or prints made previously from your own printer, other photo labs or previous orders will not be what is produced by our lab. We will not color match prints unless they are submitted previously with the order or you have an approved “guide print” on file with our lab. There will be no free remakes or re-do’s for orders not submitting or having on file a “guide print” for color and density accuracy. Please contact us about our guide print creation services if color and density are of the most critical necessity for completing your order. Otherwise, images submitted online will be printed to our best judgement unless you specify to print your images “as submitted”.