Standard Scans

Our photo print scanning services will enable you to obtain “working” or “raw” images of your artwork, film or prints for you to later enhance or keep as archives.

Images are saved as JPG or TIF format files. We will roughly color balance and adjust density on our system. Images will or may appear different when you view them on your system. Images will be closely matched to the originals based on our calibrated monitor view. You can later profile the images to your print output devices and monitor.

Images are roughly cleaned at a 50% view. More detailed cleaning and editing will be billed at $60.00 per hour. Images being scanned and printed by us will include the necessary cleaning and adjustments to produce a final print from our printer.

Photo print scanning charges are based on the file size of the final scan. Please use the “calculations” tool to determine what size scan you will need or contact us directly to assist you.

If you have a large quantity of scans to be completed, take a look at our ShoeBox Scanning service.


“Shoe Box” photo print scanning service

For prints from 2×2 up to 8.5 x 11. Loose prints only and must be sorted and stacked by print size. Orders not submitted this way will be charged an additional .02 cents per image: Mounted prints and prints on hard board need to be scanned individually at an additional charge. We ask that you take prints out of albums prior to sending them into the lab or we will do it for at an additional .20 cents per image, images will not be put back in albums. Removing images from frames and putting them back in the frame will be 7.00 per image. Copyrighted studio shots will be omitted. If you would like your prints scanned in order we ask that you lightly number the back of each one, 1, 2, 3… etc. To guarantee collation is $.10 cents per image.                  LOW RES = 200 dpi          HIGH RES = 300 dpi