Inkjet ‘Giclée’ Fine Art Prints

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Inkjet ‘Giclée‘ Fine Art Print Features:

No Touch (print as submitted) Print Features:

Printed On Professional Giclee-Media Consistent and accurate prints as a result of color calibration and attention to detail, Prints are printed as submitted

Professional Touch Print Features:

Printed on Professional Giclee-Media Paper Files are professionally corrected for density and color. Prints are globally color and density corrected from the output print. Prints are not matched to original files or prints.

Custom Fine Art Print Services

Send us your RAW, PSD, TIF, PNG or JPG files and we will custom adjust images to your specifications. If match prints are provided, we will do our best to match your guide print. Not all guide prints can be matched due to the nature of the variety of papers and printers that your guide prints may come from. A 8×10 proof print will be provided prior to the final printing at the size being ordered.  Additional proof prints can be ordered at 20.00 each.  A CD can be burned of the final image and returned with the final print for future printing needs.  CD – $5.00

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File Requirements:

No Touch and Touch orders: Files must be ordered online or organized in folders by print size and quantity, including the print size in the file name is appreciated. example:  x1_8x10_filename.ext – when submitting by FTP or portable media. Files must be sized at print size at a maximum of 300 dpi for optimal quality, a minimum of 100 dpi. Files must be saved in either flattened TIF or JPEG (format Level 10 compression is recommended) Files need to be 8 bit, sRGB or Adobe98 color space.

Custom Color Requirements:

Custom orders: Files should be in their native format, RAW, TIF, or JPG and their native color space (pro photo, adobe1998, sRGB). You can send your files in via FTP service or portable media along with a print w/ instructions on what you are requesting be done to your image. We recommend the following FTP methods (using, or google drive) along with written instructions or a digital text file outlining what is being requested for correction. We will follow your instructions to the best ability of the image and provide a proof print prior to final printing. Additional proofs for additional corrections may be ordered at 20.00 each.