Reproduction Photography

Reproduction Guidelines: Color films and Digital capture devices do not “see” the colors of many pigments and dyes used in the production of artwork the same way that human eyes do. While most artwork can be satisfactorily reproduced, we cannot guarantee the color accuracy of copies of original artwork due to this limitation of the medium being use. We will handle your originals with care while they are left with us for reproduction. Please do not ask us to assume any liability for improperly protected originals; specifically paintings that are still wet, unprotected chalk, pencil, or other delicate mediums, or any damaged artwork or framing that is not stable. Such originals will be accepted only on an “at your own risk” basis.
The proportions of original art may not match those of the film or digital medium used in reproduction. A square painting, for example, will not fill a rectangular 35mm format unless it is cropped or copied with back grounds showing around at least part of the painting. We can often mask out unwanted back grounds (with digital a solid color back ground, usually black, on slides with tape, or in printing with other techniques) but this is not always possible. As the output may not always match the original perspective. Please consider the proportions of your originals in relation to the final product you are ordering and specify your requirements.
Digital imaging techniques allow for more extensive manipulation of color, contrast, and retouching.
Please tell us the intended use of your copies. If your copy work will be used for reproduction by a printer, for example, we will include color bars and a gray scale in the image to assist the printer in making accurate separations.