Web Design

We offer many options when designing your website. Whether its a full new design or a re-design of an existing site.  We can get you through your project.  We offer sites that we can fully maintain for you or build sites that your are able to maintain yourself.  We work with you on building your website, you are included in the ‘build’ process. Let us build the entire site and maintain it or decide how much of the site you want to assist in building and maintaining yourself. We keep things simple, we don’t charge by the page, images, forms, ect..  We have one flat rate, $60.00 per hour. That’s no matter if we’re building, editing, updating, creating, moving, SEO, analytics, ect.. It is always just one flat rate.   We have built simple sites as low as $250.00 and complex e-commerce sites ranging in the $1000.00 to $3000.00 dollar price range.  Please contact us for a review of your project, and be sure to check out some of our completed projects in our portfolio.

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