Mounting and Laminating

We offer a variety of standard mounting substrates available up to 4' x 8'. But we are also able to mount on much more. If you have a special project that requires special finishing needs. Please contact us so that we can better suit your project.  All mounting prices are for flush mount images. If you are in need of having borders, center mount or multiple images mounted to a single board, Please inquire about the fees for those additional services.

Substrates can be made available upon request. Some of our standard mounting substrates are white or black foam core, gatorboard, matt board, aluminum e-panel. Other substrates can be Styrene, Colored acrylics, Clear acrylic, 1" inch gator board, glass or whatever else you can think of.  Please add additional service time and fee's based on the material requested and availability.  All materials are purchased in large sheets and cut custom to required size.